Monday, July 15, 2013

Kitchen sink post

A good burger can make a good day turn great. Which makes it a great burger after all.

Had a nicely done bacon cheeseburger at Atomic Grill, a great little local place. It's quickly turning into my favorite watering hole. All my friends eat there now. Some even work there. No better qualification for being a diner than a strong personal connection. Not just for me, but for everyone in town. I think this place will be around for a while.

Having a good time going through submissions for the book. Seeing some good stuff. Please keep them coming in. If you haven't submitted yet, I eagerly await your contribution.

Here's a few suggestions of movies with diners in them:

     "Diner" (1982) All-star cast with Tim Daly, Kevin Bacon, Paul Reiser, Mickey Rourke, Steve
                              Gutenberg, Daniel Stern, and Ellen Barkin. And that doesn't even cover the great
                              secondary cast! Set in 1959 Baltimore, these friends' stories converge every time
                              they meet for burgers and fries.

     "Empire Falls" HBO miniseries based on the book by Richard Russo. Starring Ed Harris as a
                              restaurant owner who has enough trouble holding onto his business, but then
                              family problems crop up.

    "Petrified Forest" (1931) Early Bogart film starring Bette Davis and Leslie Howard. Takes place
                                             almost entirely in a run-down diner in the Arizona desert. Also a good
                                             crime flick.

A little bit of everything in this post. Talk atcha later.

Good writing . . . and good dinering!

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