Thursday, August 8, 2013

Some of my favorite diners.

So far I've talked about my love of diners. Now I believe it's time to show. Here's some pictures of my favorite diners and eateries where I've eaten and been inspired.

First up is the Middleburgh Diner from Middleburgh, NY.

Next is Tailpipes from Morgantown, WV.

Here is the Grafton 123 Coffeehouse from Grafton, WV.

And then the Alley Cat from Schoharie, NY.

Sadly, the staff at the Grafton 123 suffered a loss in the family. They could no longer keep the place running, so they put it up for sale.  The Alley Cat closed down due to severe flooding in the area. It is now reopened as the Blue Star CafĂ©.

I'll put more pictures of diners up later. But I wanted to start out with a few good ones. Just a taste of all the places I've been. And continue to be.


  1. Some of these are really quaint. I'm sad to hear that a couple of them had already closed down. It's a good thing you were able to take pictures of them before they did though. May you find more good food and more amazing diners to your list!

    Black Bear Diner

    1. Thanks for commenting, Barbara! I like the link you left. Will look more into that. I'm slowly finding more new places to eat and relax.